Series I Haven’t Finished

Everyone has their favorite book series; whether you desperately waited for the next book to come out or you binged an entire series in a week. Personally, I haven't read a full series since The Hunger Games which was several years ago now. However, today, I'm going to be talking about series I started, but …


Books I’d Bring to a Desert Island

Imagine being stranded on a desert island; you're all alone, your ship is wrecked, and all of your belongings are floating in the ocean. And of course the first thing you should save is your books! Duh! Well, you should probably find food and make shelter, but the books are important too! Here are the …

My Non-Fiction Favorites

Fiction; a world full of imagination and incredible stories that take us away from reality. It's usually a reader's first choice when picking up a novel. However, there is another whole world out there to discover; non-fiction.