My Non-Fiction Favorites

Fiction; a world full of imagination and incredible stories that take us away from reality. It's usually a reader's first choice when picking up a book.

However, there is another whole world out there to discover; non-fiction.

Non-fiction is not something that appeals to me in general. I read books to escape real life, not dwell on it. But, there are a few non-fiction books sitting on my shelves that I've read cover to cover. Some that have made me laugh, some that have made me cry, and some that have helped me get my life together.

Whether you're an avid non-fiction reader or just a novice, there is something on this list for you!

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Breakthrough! Overcome Creative Block & Spark Your Imagination edited by Alex Cornell

This book contains 90 different strategies to help you overcome writer's and artist's block. There's illustrations, stories, and tips from tons of notable creative people like Marc Johns, Jamie Lidell, Nicholas Felton, and much more.


I've reached for this book many times during various projects to motivate me to push through a creative block. If you're looking for motivation or just words from your favorite artists, definitely check Breakthrough! out.

Check it out here: Breakthrough!: Proven Strategies to Overcome Creative Block and Spark Your Imagination"

How to Be a Woman by Caitlin Moran

Feminism is a highly discussed topic in today's society as it should be. However, this book brings a sense of comedy to an otherwise serious discussion. Moran talks about her life growing up as a female and what that meant to her then and now. There were several times throughout this book that I put my hand up and said, "Amen, sister! Preach!". She talks about the good, bad, and the very ugly of being a woman.

2017-07-19 07.43.03-1

I'm kind of cheating with this one because I haven't actually finished the whole thing yet, but I'm about three-quarters of the way through. I can safely say this masterpiece will be passed down to my daughters and my daughter's daughters. The humor is sarcastic and witty, but the stories are so relatable that you can't put it down. I definitely recommend this for all my ladies and my dudes, too.

Check it out here: How to Be a Woman

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

What? You thought you'd get through a nonfiction favorites without this one showing up? You thought wrong.

Yes, I know there's a huge hype around this book, but for good reason.

If you somehow haven't heard of this book, a woman named Marie Kondo talks about her strategy, dubbed the KonMari method, of decluttering and tidying your home. She gives organizational tips and tricks to make your home feel clean and light.

2017-07-19 07.43.39

While some of her methods are a little extreme for me, some of her ideas I have implemented into my home with great success. My clothes are better organized and I gained a whole new perspective on "stuff". I haven't checked out her second book Spark Joy, but if you're looking for some more inspiration, I'll link that one too.

Whether or not you use her tips, this is still a unique and fascinating perspective on tidying your home.

Check it out here: The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Grace & Style: The Art of Pretending You Have It by Grace Helbig

Grace Helbig may not be a familiar name to the book community, but she definitely has earned her spot on this list.

Helbig is a Youtube comedian who makes videos about beauty, DIY projects, and celebrity red carpet fashion while simultaneously making fun of all of those things. She wrote Grace's Guide: The Art of Pretending to be a Grown-Up in 2014 which was all about being an adult (somewhat), but Grace & Style is about Grace's journey with fashion and beauty. She tells stories of her child and teenhood, talks about her "Best Feet Friends", and shares her favorite makeup products.

2017-07-19 07.42.27-1

If you enjoy Grace Helbig's videos, you're definitely going to love this book! Even if you don't know who she is (If you did not know, now you know! wink to all my ItsGrace fans out there), if you love fashion and comedy, this should definitely make it's way to your shelves.

Check it out here: Grace & Style: The Art of Pretending You Have It and check out her YouTube channel here: Grace Helbig


A Year of Biblical Womanhood by Rachel Held Evans

Now, I know what you're thinking. You see "biblical" in the title and you think, "Nope, not for me!" Don't click away just yet. Allow me to explain why it doesn't matter what religion you subscribe to, this one is a good read.

Rachel Held Evans was raised evangelical Christian and taught from the church that a woman's place was in the home, caring for the husband and children. However, her mother taught her that she could be whatever she wanted to be.

As she goes to college and becomes an adult, Rachel becomes intrigued by the idea of "biblical womanhood" which means to live to the letter what the bible says women are to be. Eventually, as she approaches her thirtieth birthday, she decided to complete a full year of "biblical womanhood".

Evans set goals for herself each month based on scriptures and lived like a biblical woman. She wore a scarf on her head, spent her monthly cycle in a tent, and called her husband "Master". Boy, does she have a lot more strength and willpower than I do!

If you're interested in feminism, biblical womanhood, the fine print of the Bible or any combination of the three, this is a perfect read for you.

Check it out here: A Year of Biblical Womanhood

Well, that's all, folks! That's my list of my favorite nonfiction books. I hope you enjoyed and check some of them out for yourself. If you have any suggestions of nonfiction for me to read, leave it in the comments down below!

Happy Reading!



3 Replies to “My Non-Fiction Favorites”

    1. Look out NY Times Review of Books, you now have some serious competition.
      I especially liked the review of Marie Kondo’s book — so much so I plan to give as a birthday present.


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